Rock FM was a small and independent radiostation which had a broadcasting license for the community of Nesodden just outside Oslo. The station was on FM from january 1st 2010 until december 31st 2013, when we stopped broadcasting on FM.

Plans are now being made for a revamp of the station as a internet broadcaster only, and we will hopefully soon be online again, broadcasting classic rock 24/7!

Rock FM is mainly formatted as a classic rock station, which means that we play rock music released during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. We aim to recreate the sound of Album Oriented Rock stations of that period and will probably appeal mainly to adults rather than to teenagers. We will also play a limited amount of current releases stylistically consistent with our main format.


Earlier shows on FM:

Playing progressive rock, psychedelic rock, classic rock, southern rock, hard rock etc.. Occasionally some interviews.
Hosted by Per-Helge Berg.

Alternative rock, progressive rock, garage rock and some funky stuff mainly from the 80’s and upwards. Occasionally some interviews.
Hosted by Tom Ståle Engebretsen.

Playing Grateful Dead only! Period.
Hosted by Jonas Lange.

Playing progressive rock, especially space and symphonic, some neo, progmetal, and obscure norwegian bands. Occasionally some interviews
Hosted by Jon Christian Lie

Legendary norwegian metal show on air since 1987, now in a special Rock FM edition. Mainly metal, hard rock and progmetal. Occasionally some interviews.
Hosted by Geir Fosby alternating with Ronny Østli.